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    • Mercedes A Class

      The Mercedes-Benz A Class leads the line in luxury hatchbacks with its sporty exterior. With model lines available to suit all budgets and tastes. Check out the Sport, AMG Line or if speed is your fortay maybe we can tempt you with the A45 AMG.
      Mercedes A Class Lease
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    • Mercedes B Class

      The Mercedes-Benz B Class is one of the leading practical compact cars in the market. The new generation Mercedes B-Class is a classy mix of style, practicality and safety. Check out the Zero Emmisions Electric Art which is great for business leasing users or the AMG Line for a sporty spec to suit everyone.
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    • Mercedes C Class

      The Mercedes-Benz C Class is one of the major flag bearers for Mercedes-Benz. Its eye catching design and innovative technology sets the C-Class above the competition. As a complete all rounder you get the C-Classes sleek design accross all bodytypes including Saloon, Coupe, Estate & Convertible.
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  • CLA
    • Mercedes CLA Class

      The New Mercedes CLA is available in coupe and shooting break. With reworked bumpers and a diamond radiator grille you are guarenteed to stand out from the crowd. The CLA comes standard with sport seats and Artico Leather combining sport and luxury.
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    • Mercedes G Class

      The Mercedes G-Class is a true off-road legend. Proving itself time and time again, the G-Class can handle some off the most hostile terrains on earth.
      G Class
  • GLA
    • Mercedes GLA Class

      The Mercedes GLA is one of the most popular cross-overs on the market. There are several lines and specs on offer to suit all budgets.
      GLA Class
  • GLC
    • Mercedes GLC Class

      The mercedes GLC is a combination of power and a dynamic driving experience. This all-terrain vehicle is available in Coupe and SUV variants meaning you can have the all-terrain performance whilst in a sporty coupe.
      GLC Class
  • GLE
    • Mercedes GLE Class

      The Mercedes-Benz GLE's imposing body and muscular frame will turn heads. Available in Coupe and SUV variants, you can have the sporty looks of a coupe and the robustness of a SUV all in one vehicle.
      GLE Class
  • GLS
    • Mercedes GLS Class

      The Mercedes GLS has made off road driving a comfort. With its advanced technology and Adaptive Damping System Plus. The technology individually monitors each wheel's suspension to match the terrain.
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  • SL
    • Mercedes SL Class

      Labelled the "Redifined Roadster" the Mercedes SL Class grabs your attention with its signature diamond radiator grille and AMG bodystyling. An improved six-cylinder SL 400 will do 0-62mph in just 4.9 Seconds whilst the SL 500 will do 0-62mph in 4.3 Seconds.
      SL Class
  • SLC
    • Mercedes SLC Class

      20 Years on from the orginal SLK release, Mercedes delivers the SLC Roadster. Like its predecessor the SLC combines athletic styling and performance with exceptional comfort.
      SLC Class
  • V
    • Mercedes V Class

      The Mercedes V Classes bold exterior and spacious interior has rasied the bar when travelling in comfort. This MPV comes with nappa leather seats as standard on the Sport Model and ATTENTION ASSIST and Active Park Assist with reversing camera for extra safety.
      V Class
  • AMG GT
    • Mercedes AMG GT Class

      The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is a classic sports car with a new lease of life! With its extra long bonnet and fastback roof its kept all the features of a classic car but has been updated with all the latest Mercedes Benz styling and luxury. A front mid-engine 4.0 litre V8 biturbo will fetch 0-62 mph in 3.8 seconds.
      AMG GT Class

Meet the £1m Luxury Mercedes Motorhome

Meet the £1m Luxury Mercedes Motorhome

The huge Mercedes ‘Variomobil Signature 1200 XXL’ – offered at the cost of a cool £1m – is more like a luxury yacht inside and boasts a 523 horsepower Mercedes engine. It sleeps up to 6 people and has been designed to carry luxury cars like the Mercedes Benz SL – why would anyone ever want to leave?

We certainly wouldn’t!

Meet the £1m Luxury Mercedes Motorhome

The Variomobil Signature features a design with a distinctive integrated front / cab of the XXL cabin, with a crosswise adjustable second row of seats. Moving from the cockpit to the living area is seamless, thanks to the full standing height allowance, and there is a pull-down bed with ample space above the pilot seats.

The finish, as you would imagine, is exquisite, with wooden veneer trim, luxurious sofas, and a stylish, well thought out arrangement.

Facilities inside include a TV, dining table / coffee table, fridge, induction hob, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, bathroom with under-floor heating, ambient lighting, Bose audio system and LED satellite TV.

Meet the £1m Luxury Mercedes Motorhome

The star of the show, however, is the ramp that lowers at the back of the Mercedes ‘Variomobil Signature 1200 XXL’, that allows for the sports car to reverse out at your convenience.

So, next time someone asks you the question “what would you do if you won £1m”, you really can have something to ponder about… as many Superyacht owners will tell you, although this really is one expensive motor home, it is probably less costly than most boating equivalents!



Pictures: VARIOmobil Fahrzeugbau GmbH ©